Spirit Mates

Spirit Mates


Your Spirit Mate is your Twin Flame and Soul Mate Version 2.0, and what is it that is so unique about your Spirit Mate that will allow you to completely open your heart to a “stranger” whom you just met?

What is it that causes two people to suddenly connect with each other deep in their hearts with no filter between them, so they are unable to ever separate their energies from each other again?

And how does it feel to live in a drama-free relationship when the energy between you has been raised from Soul level to Spirit level? (text by Anni Sennov)

This is the book about Spirit Mates, by Anni and Carsten Sennov and most of the couples has been photographed by us. We share our love story in the book. Our experience from the huge positive transformation from Soul Mate to Spirit Mate level.

It´s available in English on Amazon and shipped world wide and in Swedish on Adlibris.

Sophelia and Aamod are a Spirit Mate couple and we do webinars and workshops by ourselfs and together with Anni and Carsten Sennov.

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