1-1 sessions

Intuitive Spiritual Coaching Sessions


This is for those of you who have already started your spiritual journey and want to go even deeper inside, I offer one-to-one coaching sessions designed to support the evolution of spiritual awareness and growth

The sessions work through my intuitive reading of your situation through open conversation, guided by Spirit, utilising earth energies. I offer these sessions in both person or online.

I use my intuitive skills, practical guidances and different Divination systems from Spirit as a support to increase awareness, clarity and to strengthen your presence and manifestation powers in the moment, to ground yourself and your life on Earth to create positive life changes. I have been using different divination systems as guidance for over 30 years.

We collaborate together in the session to open up new possibilities, inspiration and support. The sessions are strengthening personal mastery. We use the session to create sacred intimate conversations with each other and Spririt. Shared Wisdom.

Here are some examples of different scenarios that I explore:


  1. Doing reading to aid in decision making
  2. Doing readings on relationships
  3. Doing readings on proffesional/career topics
  4. Doing readings to aid abundance

You are also warmly welcome to ask and create your own questions or if there is any specific issue you would like to focus on.

  • Working with multiply Oracle decs

Sessions cost €70 per hour and usually last 1-2 hours with discounts available for multiple bookings. Please get in touch at sophelia@balanceisjoy.com to discuss your needs.

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